Welcome ! You’re going to register a fiction feature, a short film or a documentary for the competition of the 40th CINEMED festival.


Participation is allowed for documentaries

- made since 1 July 2017

- which have not been broadcast on French TV channels or released in French cinemas

- and with the following characteristics:

• films with a 50-minute minimum running time - Films shorter than 50 minutes will not be accepted

• screening format: DCP

the subject and the treatment of the film must reflect a personal, artistic and original point of view of the Mediterranean in the social, cultural, political, historical or environmental domain

• the director must be from one of the states in the Mediterranean Basin, Portugal, Georgia and Armenia, or the subject of the film is located in the Mediterranean environment or express the cultural features of the Mediterranean area



- films presented for selection at the 2017 Cinemed cannot participate this year


Deadline for entries: 3 July 2018.



1) Download the regulations

2) Submit on line


 Contact Aliénor Pinta


The selection will be announced online the 2nd of October.







Off Frame AKA Revolution until Victory by Mohanad Yaqubi
2017 Ulysses Award