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Welcome ! You’re going to register a fiction feature  for the competition of the 40th CINEMED festival.


Conditions for entry: fiction films completed since 1 July 2017. They must have the following characteristics:

• a running time of over 60 minutes

• they have not been distributed in France either commercially, non-commercially, or on video

• the screening format must be DCP

the subject and handling must contribute to the cinematic representation of the Mediterranean

• the director must be from one of the states in the Mediterranean Basin, Portugal, Georgia and Armenia


- films presented for selection at the 2017 Cinemed cannot be entered in 2018


Deadline for entries: 24 August 2018.



1) Download the regulations


2) Submit on line


Contact Géraldine Laportelaporte@cinemed.tm.fr


The selection will be announced online the 2nd of October.




Manuel by Dario Albertini
Golden Antigone 2017