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Whispers of Venus
Murmures de Vénus - Ghizlane Assif
- Fiction


Maroc - 2015 - 11 mn 14 s - Réalisation : Ghizlane Assif - Scénario : Assif Ghizlane - Image : Mahorie Maberkorn, Ismael Bensouda, Mohamed Amine Ait Hammou - Décor : Badria Hassani - Montage : Assif Ghizlane - Musique : Adil Isaa - Son : Nani Chawki, Hamza Ayt Taleb - Interprétation : Malak El Ouali, Anissa Lanaya, Hajar Graigaa, Jalila Talemsi, Faiza Yahyaoui, Aicha Mahmah, Driss Roukhe -

Contact : Université Abdelmalek Essaadi - Faculté Lettres et Sciences - Im. 1184 - Apt 7 AlWifak - 12040 Temara - Maroc - Tél : 212 661 341 345 - e-mail : assifghizlane@gmail.com

Corum - Salle Pasteur Mercredi 28 octobre 2015, 18 h 15
Corum - Salle Pasteur Vendredi 30 octobre 2015, 14 h 00

Women of all ages come and have their photo taken in a local photo studio. Each woman has her own personal reasons for having her photo taken and quickly opens her heart and confides in the photographer. An intimate atmosphere, confiding women…

Ghizlane Assif

Born in Casablanca in 1982. Graduated in editing from the Institut Supérieur Industriel of Casablanca in 2001 she obtained a professional degree in Film and Audiovisual Studies from the University of Martil (2014). From 2002 to 2006, she worked as film editor at Cinetelema; from 2006 to 2009 for 2M, Morocco’s second TV channel. Since she has worked as a free-lance chief-editor on long and short fiction films, documentaries, TV films, series, and sitcoms for TV. She is also a teacher at the ESAV, ISMAC and EMCC. Murmures de Vénus is her first film as director. Of course, she also did the editing.