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Respire - Mélanie Laurent
- Fiction


France - 2014 - 1 h 31 mn - Réalisation : Mélanie Laurent - Production : Bruno Lévy - Scénario : Mélanie Laurent, Julien Lambroschini d'après l'œuvre d'Anne-Sophie Brasme - Image : Arnaud Potier - Décor : Stanislas Reydellet - Montage : Guerric Catala - Musique : Marc Chouarain - Son : Cyril Holtz, Cyril Moisson, Alexis Place - Interprétation : Lou de Laâge, Joséphine Japy, Isabelle Carré, Claire Keim, Roxane Duran -

Contact : Gaumont Distribution - 30, avenue Charles-de-Gaulle - 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine - Tél : 01 46 43 23 09 - e-mail : hmenager@gaumont.fr

Corum - Opéra Berlioz Samedi 25 octobre 2014, 20 h 30

Charlie is a young 17-year old girl. She’s at that age where life is a mixture of friends, emotion, convictions and passion. Sarah is the new girl. Beautiful, sassy, with attitude and temperament. The new star! Sarah chooses Charlie.

Mélanie Laurent

Born in 1983 in Paris, Mélanie Laurent is a French actress and director. Her acting carrer began with her role in The Bridge (1999), then took off in France (Ceci est mon corps, by Rodolphe Marconi; Summer Things, by Michel Blanc; The Beat That My Heart Skipped, by Jacques Audiard; Paris, by Cédric Klapisch; Le Concert, by Radu Mihãileanu; The Round Up, by Rose Bosch; Requiem pour une tueuse, by Jérôme Le Gris) and abroad (Inglorious Basterds, by Quentin Tarantino). She won the Cesar Award for Most Promising Actress in 2007 for her performance in Don't Worry, I'm Fine, by Philippe Lioret. She is also a singer, and, after two short films (De moins en moins and X Femmes in 2008), she directed her own long feature films : Les Adoptés (2011) and Breathe (2014) selected at Critics' Week in Cannes. She is currently playing in Enemy by Denis Villeneuve, Boomerang by François Favrat and Eternity by Tran Anh Hung, and is working on the scenario of her third film as a director.