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Història de la meva mort - Albert Serra
- Fiction


Espagne/France - 2013 - 2 h 28 mn - Réalisation : Albert Serra - Production : Thierry Lounas, Albert Serra - Scénario : Albert Serra - Image : Jimmy Gimferrer, Àngel Martín, Artur Tort - Décor : Mihnea Mihailescu, Sebastián Vogler - Montage : Albert Serra - Musique : Ferran Font, Enric Juncà, Joe Robinson, Marc Verdaguer - Son : Joan Pons, Jordi Ribas - Interprétation : Vicenç Altaió, Clara Visa, Noelia Rodenas, Montse Triola, Eliseu Huertas, Lluís Serrat -

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Diagonal Mardi 29 octobre 2013, 17 h 30

Casanova gets to know his new manservant, who will bear witness to his final days of life. Leaving a Swiss château with its typical 18th century atmosphere of licentiousness, he spends his final days in impoverished, dismal northern Europe. There, his world of frivolity and high society, as well as his Enlightenment rationalism, crumble when faced with a new, violent, esoteric and romantic force represented by Dracula and his eternal power.

Albert Serra

Albert Serra was born in Banyoles in 1975. He graduated with a degree in Hispanic Literature and Comparative Literature, from the University of Barcelona, where he also studied Art History. In 2004 he writes, directs and produces Honor de Cavalleria, a free adaptation of Don Quixote, selected at the 38th Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, 2006. The film has been awarded in many international festivals. In 2008, he's coming back at the Director's Fortnight with El cant dels ocells. His last films: Els noms de Crist (2010), El senyor ha fet en mi meravelles, 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero (2011).