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Casa - Daniela de Felice
- Documentaire


France - 2013 - 55 mn - Réalisation : Daniela de Felice - Scénario : Daniela de Felice - Image : Matthieu Chatellier, Daniela de Felice - Montage : Alessandro Comodin, Daniela de Felice - Son : Xavier Thibault -

Contact : Tarmak - 14 bis, rue Berbeux - 14000 Caen - Tél : 06 62 60 73 61 -

Médiathèque Federico-Fellini Jeudi 16 janvier 2014, 18 h 00

One day my mother told us that she wanted to sell the house in Santo Stefano Ticino—our house: the one in which my brother and I had grown up and where my father had died ten years before. I wanted to preserve images before leaving everything. I wanted to film my mother and my brother because I found them good-looking. Because I didn't film what had disappeared. With an accordion, a seahorse or a box of beetles, in the quiet kitchen, I wanted to use them to show what the house had seen. The echo of life in the walls. Gentleness, love and family. The last small rituals before leaving, in peace.

Daniela de Felice

Born in Milan in 1976. She studied drawing and history of art. She left Italy when she was 17 to study visual narration at the ERG in Brussels. She made her first film, Coserelle, in 1999; this was shown at numerous festivals. She returned to Italy and worked at FABRICA. In 2006, she was joint director, with Matthieu Chatellier, of (G)rêve général(e). In 2007, she directed Libronero, a painful portrait of a family crushed by authoritarianism. In addition to directing, she is an editor, working in particular on Matthieu Chatellier's Voir ce que devient l'ombre. She also edited his film Doux-amer. In 2013, she directed Casa (in French competition at the Cinéma du Réel 2013 in Paris, where it was awarded a special mention by the jury; entered in the international competition at Visions du Réel).