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A fede, Faith in Corsica
A fede - Lætitia Agostini
- Documentaire


France - 2012 - 51 mn 35 s - Réalisation : Lætitia Agostini - Scénario : Lætitia Agostini - Image : Lætitia Agostini - Montage : Pascale Pauron - Musique : Gilles Martin - Son : Anouar Benali, Yannick Grandin -

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Médiathèque Federico-Fellini Jeudi 13 mars 2014, 18 h 00

'A fede' means 'faith' in the Corsican language. 'A fede' is also a film about faith in Corsica. Two private trips encounter each other in this very personal documentary. The director starts in her father's home region, Corsica 'over the mountains' between Bastia, Corte and Ponte Leccia, to understand the faith, the popular religiousness, in these grandiose austere mountains. She also goes in search of her father and finds her roots. This is a film in which Corsicans talk about themselves, their beliefs, their dead, the Virgin Mary, their distinctive features and their relation with institutional religion.

Lætitia Agostini

Born in 1976 in Tunis, Lætitia Agostini devoted her work to history and anthropology for a long time. A Latin America specialist, she made her first film during a stay in Mexico City. Passionate about images, she continued in the world of audiovisual. After making numerous reports and institutional films, she decided to reduce her film crews to a minimum to get nearer to her characters and to start making documentaries. Her subjects range from motor sports to crafts and popular faith, aiming at letting the everyday truth show in each film. Her latest film about Corsica is the most personal one, involving her father, the island and its beliefs.