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Exposition Destins et imaginaires croisés, Jean-Robert Henry


Exposition L'Algérie et la France : destins et imaginaires croisés - Cinemed


Corum - Hall 0 Samedi 27 octobre 2012, 15 h 30

Le Corum, hall niveau 0, du 26 octobre au 3 novembre 2012.

France-Algeria: entwined destinies exhibition
With this section the Festival is to illustrate the entwined destinies of the two countries by a cycle of films examining the different aspects of this period and the repercussions for France. The programme will consist of a selection of fiction and documentary films forming a plural approach to several centuries of relations between the two shores of the Mediterranean. In particular, the addition of historical and artistic approaches opens the way to better understanding of this complex history. This reflection intended to be calm and promising for the future is accompanied by an exhibition by Jean-Robert Henry, a lecture and a round table discussion with guests.