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Comme des frères - Hugo Gélin
- Fiction


France - 2012 - 1 h 44 mn - Réalisation : Hugo Gélin - Scénario : Hugo Gélin, Romain Protat, Hervé Mimran - Image : Nicolas Massart - Montage : Grégoire Sivan - Musique : Revolver - Son : Olivier Péria - Interprétation : François-Xavier Demaison, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Pierre Niney, Mélanie Thierry, Florence Thomassin, Cécile Cassel -

Contact : Version Originale/ Condor - 9-11 rue Rolland - 94300 St Ouen - Tél : 06 81 37 30 46 - e-mail : roman@vo-st.fr - web : www.vo-st.fr

Corum - Opéra Berlioz Samedi 27 octobre 2012, 19 h 00

Since Charlie has gone, the lives of Boris, Elie and Maxime have been shattered. These three different men had a singular love for Charlie. She was their sister, the woman of their life or their friend. Except that Charlie is dead and neither Boris, a successful businessman, nor Elie, a night bird screenwriter, nor Maxime, 20 years old and still in his mother's skirts, could face this. But because she had asked them to, they took a sudden decision to travel to Corsica together, to the house that Charlie had loved so much.

Hugo Gélin

Born in 1980 in Paris. He has made two short films, La Vie sans secret de Walter Lions (2001) and À l'abri des regards indiscrets (2002) with Ruben Alves. Comme des frères (2014) is his first full-length feature film. Director of Le Casse (short film, 2014) and Demain tout commence (2016), he is also writer of La Cage Dorée (2012) by Ruben Alves.