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Inheritance - Hiam Abbass
- Fiction


France/Israël - 2012 - 1 h 28 mn - Réalisation : Hiam Abbass - Scénario : Hiam Abbass, Ala Hlehel - Montage : Guy Lecorne - Son : Ashi Milo, Ulas Agce - Interprétation : Hafsia Herzi, Hiam Abbass, Yussef Abu Warda, Ashraf Barhoum, Clara Khoury, Makram Khoury -

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Diagonal Vendredi 2 novembre 2012, 18 h 00

A Palestinian family living in the north of Galilee gathers to celebrate the wedding of one of their daughters, as war rages. When their father falls into a coma, internal conflicts burst out in the family - secrets are revealed and lies are unmasked.

Hiam Abbass

Born in Nazareth, the Holy City, Hiam Abbass was bathed in values such as respect, the acceptance of the convictions of others, the love of Nature, of reading and of the daily struggle to exist as a woman with all the differences and individuality that it implies. As a child already, she studies acting for theatre and choir practice. At the age of 18 she decides to direct her life towards photography and goes to Haifa. After training in the El Hakawati theatre in Jerusalem, she leaves for Paris in 1998, were she plays in several feature films, among which Satin Rouge by Raja Amari (Tunisia), La Porte du soleil by Youri Nasrallah (2002, France), Nadia and Sarra by Moufida Tlatli (2003, France-Tunisia), The Syrian Bride by Eran Riklis (France-Israel-Germany). The need to write, to express and share her thoughts naturally lead her to the direction of her own films : in 2000 she directed her first short film, Le Pain (18 min), rewarded with the Grand Prix de la Ville de Montpellier. And in 2004, a second film, La Danse Eternelle (26 min).