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Tinghir-Jerusalem: Echoes from the Mellah
Tinghir-Jérusalem : les échos du Mellah - Kamal Hachkar
- Documentaire


France/Maroc - 2011 - 1 h 26 mn - Réalisation : Kamal Hachkar - Scénario : Kamal Hachkar - Image : Philippe Bellaïche - Montage : Yaël Bitton - Musique : Schlomo Bar - Son : Morgann Martin, Tully Chen -

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Médiathèque Federico-Fellini Jeudi 13 decembre 2012, 18 h 00

I grew up in France with the idea that all Berbers were Muslims. But in Tinghir, the town of my birth in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, I found out through my grandparents' stories that other Berbers were Jewish. But in spite of more than two thousand years of history of living together, every single one of these Jews left the Atlas at the beginning of the 1960s. I then went in search of this buried memory among people of the generation who had known this Jewish presence.

Kamal Hachkar

Born in Tinghir in 1979, he is a Berber with Muslim culture. He left Morocco with his mother when he was six months old to join his father who had immigrated to France in 1968. His entire childhood was marked by the moves of his working father both in France and abroad. All these changes have left him with tenderness and strong sensitivity to exiled, uprooted people. He studied history at the Sorbonne and became a teacher. Interested by Jewish culture in Morocco and in the Jewish-Moroccan heritage, he wished to explore this culture in Israel and Morocco.