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Winter of Discontent
El sheita elli fat - Ibrahim El Batout
- Fiction


Égypte - 2012 - 1 h 34 mn - Réalisation : Ibrahim El Batout - Production : Amr Waked, Salah Al Hanafy, Ibrahim El Batout - Scénario : Ibrahim El Batout, Ahmad Amer, Yasser Naim, Habi Seoud - Image : Victor Credi - Montage : Hisham Saqr - Musique : Ahmed Saleh - Interprétation : Amr Waked, Salah Al Hanafy, Farah Youssef -

Contact : Zad Communication & Production LLC. - Tél : 06 80 41 77 47 - e-mail : daniel.ziskind@zadcomm.com - web : www.winterofdiscontentthefilm.com

Corum - Salle Pasteur Lundi 29 octobre 2012, 16 h 15
Corum - Salle Pasteur Jeudi 1 novembre 2012, 20 h 00

Amr is a 35 year old man who wakes up one day to a very different Egypt. Amr rarely leaves home as he works from his place designing software. It is January 25, 2011 and Amr starts the day with news of protests all over Cairo and marches leading to Tahrir square. Something tells him that these protests will lead to major political change.

Ibrahim El Batout

Born in Cairo in 1963, he worked as a cameraman in war zones for 20 years. He directed documentaries for ZDF, TBS (Japan) and Arte. In 2005, with no outside funding he made 'Ithaki' his first fiction film about his return to his country. In 2008,'Ein Shams', his second fiction film, 'Ein Shams', won the Grand Prix at the 54th Taormina Festival in Italy. 'Hawi', his third film, won the prize for the best Arab film at the Doha-Tribeca Festival in 2010 before being shown at Rotterdam in 2011 where Ibrahim also presented 'Nada', his next project, at the Cinemart, and then in Montpellier where he won the Development Aid Grant awarded by the Languedoc-Roussillon region (for the title 'Ali, the goat, and Ibrahim'). 'Winter of Discontent' was presented at the Venice Film Festival.