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How Big Is your Love
Kedach ethabni - Fatma-Zohra Zamoum
- Fiction


Algérie/Maroc - 2011 - 1 h 38 mn - Réalisation : Fatma-Zohra Zamoum - Scénario : Fatma-Zohra Zamoum - Image : Rémi Mazet - Décor : Djazaîriate et Adel Kacer - Montage : Karine Olivier - Musique : Nourdine Alane - Son : Philippe Schillinger - Interprétation : Racim Zennadi, Nadjia Debahi-Laaraf, Abdelkader Tadjer, Nourdine Alene, Louiza Habani -

Contact : Z et Compagnie productions - Villa Face Mairie - Isser (W) Boumerdes 35000 - Algérie - Tél : 213 552 775 727 - e-mail : zetcompagnieproductions@gmail.com - web : www.zetcompagnieproductions.com

Corum - Opéra Berlioz Jeudi 27 octobre 2011, 14 h 00
Corum - Salle Pasteur Vendredi 28 octobre 2011, 22 h 00

One morning in Algiers Rachid drops off his 8-year-old son Adel for a weekend with his parents Khadidja and Lounès. The child discovers the everyday life of a retired man and a housewife, while waiting to go home. But his stay is prolonged while his parents fight, far away. Khadidja sticks to the question 'How much do you love me?' to make him like their company. A narration of everyday life and the small and larger world of a couple in Algiers.

Fatma-Zohra Zamoum

Born in Algeria in a village five kilometres inland, she arrived in Paris in 1988 to study history of art and cinema. She has many numerous shorts: Photos de voyage, 1995, Leçon de choses, 1996, La maison de Roy Adzak, 2004, Un hommage en peinture, 2004 and La pelote de laine, 2005. She writes about painting, writes screenplays and novels including Comment j'ai fumé tous mes livres, 2006. She now teaches history of art and cinema at Paris 7 University. After Z'har, she made her new feature film, How Big Is your Love?