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On the Plank
Sur la planche - Leïla Kilani
- Fiction


France/Maroc/Allemagne - 2011 - 1 h 46 mn - Réalisation : Leïla Kilani - Scénario : Leïla Kilani - Image : Eric Devin - Décor : Yann Dury, Fatima Alaoui Belhassan - Montage : Tina Baz - Musique : Wilkimix - Son : Philippe Lecœur, Laurent Malan - Interprétation : Mouna Bahmad, Nouzha Akel, Sara Betioui, Soufia Issami -

Contact : Épicentre Films - 55, rue de la Mare - 75020 Paris - Tél : 01 43 49 03 03/ 06 13 07 47 48 - Fax : 01 43 49 03 23 - e-mail : daniel@epicentrefilms.com - web : www.epicentrefilms.com

Diagonal Vendredi 28 octobre 2011, 19 h 50

Badia and Imane work at a prawn packaging factory in Tangiers. The work is hard and humiliating. The workers feel that they absorb the smell through their pores to the extent that Badia scrapes at her skin, using large amounts of water. Badia has busy hands and nothing to think about. She perfumes herself with lies so as not to smell of prawns and says she is somebody different. A girl who works in the textile industry, for example. With two other 20-year-old girls, Asma and Nawal form a young gang that 'works' and goes out to town.

Leïla Kilani

Born in Casablanca in 1970, she lives in Paris and Tangiers. She studied economics and then history, obtaining a DEA (Diploma of Advanced Studies) in the history and civilisation of the Muslim Mediterranean. A freelance journalist since 1997, she works in particular for Qantara, the magazine of Arab and Mediterranean cultures published by IMA (Institut du monde arabe). In parallel with work on the design and organisation of cultural events, she turned to documentary filmmaking and made Tanger, le rêve des brûleurs (2002) and Zad Moultaka, passages (2002). Sur la planche is her first fiction feature and was selected at the Directors' Fortnight in 2011.