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My Land
My Land - Nabil Ayouch
- Documentaire


Maroc/France - 2011 - 1 h 20 mn - Réalisation : Nabil Ayouch - Scénario : nabil Ayouch - Image : Daniel Gal, Wadji Elian - Montage : Ruth Litan, Keren Ben Rafael, Safaa Baraka
- Musique : Adil Aïssa - Son : Meir Al Fassi, Emmanuel Zouki - Interprétation : Khadijeh Gharabli, Abou Afifi Abou Hassan, Abou Nabil Kurdieh, Oum Suleiman, Mahmoud El Barakeh, Mohammad Saleh Daoud et son petit-fils Mohammad, de Majd El Kroum, Shai Noy, Mika Gvirdman, Hussein Abdelmajid Maw’ed, Noga Edri, Yohanan Efrat Rubienstein, Eshel Shpiro, Yoel Zilberman, Shimon Pariente, Meddy Zilberman -

Contact : Ali n' Productions - 37, rue Assanaani, résidence Ouchtar 8, Bourgogne - 20050 Casablanca - Maroc - Tél : 212 5 22 49 28 28 - Fax : 212 5 22 26 76 30 - e-mail : aline.bernard2@gmail.com - web : www.alinprod.com

Corum - Salle Einstein Mardi 25 octobre 2011, 12 h 00
Corum - Salle Einstein Vendredi 28 octobre 2011, 18 h 00

This film gives an opportunity to speak to old Palestinian refugees who fled in 1948, have never returned to their land and have lived in camps in Lebanon for more than sixty years. What they have to say is heard by twenty-year-old Israelis who are building their country, who feel deeply attached to their land but do not really succeed in explaining why. Reality lies between these two memories. A reality of two peoples who fight for the same land. This results in a conversation at a distance that gives the conflict an aspect that is human above all.

Nabil Ayouch

Born in Paris in 1969, Nabil Ayouch is first a freelance production director, then assistant director. As of 1992, he directs more than fifty publicity ads for Morocco, Africa and the French overseas territories. After three short films (Les Pierres bleues du désert, 1992 ; Hertzienne connection, 1993 ; Vendeur de silence, 1994), he films Mektoub (1997), his first feature film, then Ali Zaoua, prince de la rue (2000), Une minute de soleil en moins (2002) and Whatever Lola Wants (2007). Founding member of a group of actors, directors and Moroccan producers (GARP), he created the production company Ali N'Productions in Casablanca to help the discovery of young Moroccan talents. In 2012, he directed Les Chevaux de Dieu screened at Un Certain regard in Cannes and at Cinemed. In 2015, his film Much Loved was particularly vilified in his country. His lastest film, Razzia (2017) world premiered at TIFF in Toronto.