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My Sheherazade
Settou Zad - Heba Youssry
- Documentaire


Égypte - 2011 - 1 h 22 mn - Réalisation : Heba Youssry - Scénario : Heba Youssry - Image : Ahmad Yacoub - Montage : Haitham El Shal - Musique : Amir Khalaf - Son : Ahmad Adnan - Interprétation : Youssry Ramzi , Heba Youssry, Sheherazade, Aida -

Corum - Salle Einstein Jeudi 31 octobre 2013, 14 h 00
Musée Fabre (auditorium) Samedi 2 novembre 2013, 11 h 00

Scheherazade is a star who has dedicated her entire life and energy to the art of singing. The director, who is her granddaughter, records several interviews with her about the role that singing and performing had in her life. She takes a closer look at what a star is made of, what art is made of and what happens when art consumes one so much it becomes an obsession. Through a series of revealing interviews with grandma, the director captures a rare documentary that will show what becomes of a soul possessed by a tyrant created through the love of performace. Original recordings, family albums and footage weave their way into the body of the documentary, helping us understand Setto Zaat.

Heba Youssry

Born in 1984 in Cairo. Gratuated from The High Cinema Institute in 2006. She works as assistant director in some movies. She directed three short films : A night in Autumn, A son of Adam, and Another Passion. She also directed a short documentary (Profession a woman) selected in many festivals.