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Toi, moi, les autres - Audrey Estrougo
- Fiction


France - 2009 - 1 h 25 mn - Réalisation : Audrey Estrougo - Scénario : Audrey Estrougo, Juliette Sales, Aline Méhouel - Image : Guillaume Schiffman - Montage : Sophie Reine - Musique : Baptiste Charvet - Interprétation : Leïla Bekhti, Benjamin Siksou, Cécile Cassel -

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Corum - Opéra Berlioz Vendredi 29 octobre 2010, 19 h 00

Gab has a settled existence: a fiancée, marriage preparations in progress and a well-off family. Leila cannot live her own life: law studies, a boisterous younger brother, a mother who died too soon… So when Gab runs over Leila's little brother there is a shock between different worlds and the beginning of a great love story that comes crashing violently into reality. Tina, Leila's closest friend, has no papers and is arrested. As Leila's world collapses, Gab is ready to do anything for her-even conflict with his father, chief of police. And who said that nothing is impossible as long as there is love?

Audrey Estrougo

With a 'DEUG' in performing arts, at 24 Audrey Estrougo made a resounding entry to French cinema in 2007 with her first full-length feature, Regarde-moi, the chronicle of a day in a suburban area filmed from two points of view. She followed up by directing her first theatre play, Quatre jumelles by Copi, and then made a documentary, IAM, encore un printemps, about the rap group from Marseilles. She then directed a second full-length feature, the musical comedy Toi, moi, les autres.