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Fix Me
Fix Me - Raed Andoni
- Documentaire


France/Palestine/Suisse - 2010 - 1 h 38 mn - Réalisation : Raed Andoni - Scénario : Raed Andoni - Image : Filip Zumbrunn, Aldo Mugnier - Montage : Tina Baz, Saed Andoni - Musique : Erik Rug, Yousef Hbeisch - Son : Masaki Hatsui -

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Diagonal Lundi 25 octobre 2010, 20 h 00

Raed is a writer and director, a kind of Palestinian cousin of Woody Allen. He has a headache. Literally and figuratively. It prevents him from working. He decides to get treatment and goes to the Mental Health Department at the Red Crescent in Ramallah. The doctor promises to heal him in twenty sessions. The consultation room is separated from the adjoining room by a one-way mirror. This is generally used for training interns but it enables Raed to film his therapy, and the spectator to go into the mind of this strange character and explore his world.

Raed Andoni

Born in 1967. A Palestinian producer and director, Raed Andoni has worked in independent cinema since 1997. He co-founded Dar Films production, an independent production company based in Ramallah. Thanks to Dar Films, he produced and co-produced several award-winning documentaries. The first documentary that he directed, Improvisation, Samir et ses Frères, produced in association with Arte, was awarded the Art et Culture prize at the Compétition internationale du documentaire méditerranéen in 2006. He runs workshops for young Palestinian film directors and promotes the development of documentaries in Palestine.