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Draquila, Italy Trembles
Draquila, l'Italia che trema - Sabina Guzzanti
- Documentaire


Italie - 2010 - 1 h 37 mn - Réalisation : Sabina Guzzanti - Scénario : Sabina Guzzanti - Image : Mario Amura, Clarissa Cappellani - Montage : Clelio Benevento - Musique : Maurizio Rizzuto, Riccardo Giagni - Son : Erwan Kerzanet -

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Diagonal Mercredi 20 octobre 2010, 19 h 45

Why do Italians vote Berlusconi? The violence of propaganda, the impotence of citizens, questions of the economy, illicit power relationships… And a catastrophe: the city of L'Aquila devastated by an earthquake… All these combine to show how the young Italian democracy has been subdued. Sabina Guzzanti, celebrated Italian comedian, director and popular satirical author, conducts her enquiry by digging through the rubble of the 6th April 2009 earthquake.

Sabina Guzzanti

November 2003. Raiot (a satirical programme on RAI 3) was taken off the air and Sabina Guzzanti left the RAI. After long experience in television as author and actor in cult programmes, her role became that of telling the truth and shedding light on obscure episodes of modern Italian history. She made the documentary Viva Zapatero! in 2005. After the great success of this film, she directed Le ragioni dell'aragosta in 2007. Her fourth feature film, Draquila - L'Italia che trema (Draquila - Italy Shakes) (2010), was shown at the Cannes Film Festival.