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The Square
Essaha - Dahmane Ouzid
- Fiction


Algérie - 2010 - 1 h 53 mn - Réalisation : Dahmane Ouzid - Scénario : Salim Aissa - Image : Semcheddine Touzene - Décor : Ramdane Kacer - Montage : Amel Ghanem - Musique : Salim Aissa, Amine Hamerouch, Youcef Boukella, Cheikh Sidi Bémol, Redouane Bouhired, Youcef Gouaïche, Billal Boumessaoud, Amine Boumediene - Son : Mohamed Ziouani - Interprétation : Amine Boumediene, Karim Zenimi, Habib Aichouche, Omar Remichi, Mokrane Saadeddine, Zoubir Yahiaoui, Ghazel Laloui, Imen Medour, Nadia Kadri, Manel Addoune -

Contact : Machahou Production - Cité Les Bananiers bât. A15 n°1 El Mohamadia - 16000 Alger - Algérie - Tél : 21 36 61 560 429 - e-mail : belkamach@hotmail.com

Corum - Salle Pasteur Mardi 26 octobre 2010, 13 h 30
Corum - Salle Pasteur Vendredi 29 octobre 2010, 20 h 00

2010… An undeveloped piece of land, 'The Square' at the heart of a new housing development becomes a source of problems (lack of hygiene, lack of public-spiritedness). The people who live there decide to develop the land but for what? Various projects include a football pitch, a shopping centre, a park, etc. but there is no general agreement. Everything is on hold. Meanwhile, a minority of business-minded people try to get hold of the land while the silent majority is indifferent. The young people run from their dismal everyday life and dream of better things, of love, of a visa…

Dahmane Ouzid

Born in 1950 in Tizi Ouzou. After training at the Moscow Cinematographic Institute (VGIK), he worked at the Office national du cinéma Algérien (ONCIC). He started with the shorts Bon voyage, bonnes vacances (1978) followed by La Berceuse (1982) and the documentary K Ricature (1989). The public audiovisual establishments were dissolved in 1995 and he specialised in the production of company films and commercials. He then made series and programmes for Algerian television. In 2007, with the screenwriter and artistic director Salim Aissa, he threw himself into the great adventure of the musical comedy Essaha in its two versions, one for the cinema and another in the form of an 18-episode television series, completed in July 2010.