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Saison du documentaire 2010-2011


(No) Laughing Matter
Blagues à part - Vanessa Rousselot
- Documentaire


France - 2010 - 54 mn - Réalisation : Vanessa Rousselot - Production : Virginie Meunier, Edward Gubbins - Image : Philippe Bellaiche - Montage : Nadia Ben Rachid, Juliette Haubois - Son : Ala Khoury -

Contact : éO Productions - 58, rue des Trois-Frères - 75018 Paris - e-mail : virginie.meunier@eoproductions.net - web : www.eoproductions.net

Médiathèque Federico-Fellini Jeudi 10 fevrier 2011, 18 h 00

In search of the Palestinian 'lost joke', a French film director travelled the roads of the West Bank for four years with the aim of making a documentary. The result is an offbeat road movie set in the Palestinian territories and consisting of meetings with characters who think up jokes as they go about their daily lives. This humour-the politeness of true political despair-transgresses the taboos of Palestinian society but serves above all as a pastime for Palestinians.

Vanessa Rousselot

Vanessa Rousselot studied the history of the Arab world at the Sorbonne and then Arabic at the Université des langues orientales before going into documentary films. After making filmed interviews in the Palestinian refugee camps in the Lebanon, she assisted Pierre Barougier in the making of his documentary Les Maux savants and then trained in directing documentaries at the Ateliers Varan in Paris, where she directed the film Seizième round on the boxer Freddy Skouma, former world vice-champion. She then made several reportages for television at WA Productions and has also acted and written for café-théâtre. Her experience of comedy, mastery of Arabic and good knowledge of the Middle East all contribute to her documentary (No) Laughing Matter.