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The River
The River - Davor Sanvincenti
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Croatie/Autriche - 2009 - 7 mn 30 s - Réalisation : Davor Sanvincenti - Scénario : Davor Sanvincenti - Image : Davor Sanvincenti - Décor : Davor Sanvincenti - Montage : Davor Sanvincenti - Musique : Christian Fennesz - Son : Christian Fennesz -

Contact : Davor Sanvincenti - e-mail : render_001@hotmail.com - web : www.messmatik.net

Corum - Salle Einstein Samedi 23 octobre 2010, 14 h 00
Musée Fabre (auditorium) Jeudi 28 octobre 2010, 16 h 00

The video focus on the navigation beyond one photograph, Versus, captured with an 82-year-old camera-box which portrays the social landscape that is devoid of any romanticism. The work investigates and examines the human as the unforeseeable active presence between nature and technology, analogue and digital, static and dynamic. Through multiple crackling structures The River uses audiovisual resources to create atmospheres that combine narrative and aesthetic concepts, exploring and revealing a research for the essence of seeing and hearing, for the ontology of the audiovisual landscape.

Davor Sanvincenti

Also known as Messmatik (born in 1979 in Kopar, Slovenia), he is a Croatian visual artist. In recent years he has been specifically interested in a field of audiovisual research and anthropology of visual culture, particularly focused on the conditions and forms of human senses and perceptions, developing experimental videos and immersive installations which are at the intersection of video and performance art. He has received several art awards, including the Radoslav Putar Award 2010 for the best young Croatian artist. His physical video installation 1001 is part of the AV collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb.