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The Electromagnetic Reproduction of Digital Codes
The Electromagnetic Reproduction of Digital Codes - Ozan Adam
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Turquie - 2010 - 3 mn 16 s - Réalisation : Ozan Adam - Scénario : Ozan Adam - Image : Ozan Adam - Décor : Ozan Adam - Montage : Ozan Adam - Musique : Ozan Adam - Son : Ozan Adam -

Contact : Ozan Adam - e-mail : ozanadam@me.com - web : www.ozanadam.com

Corum - Salle Einstein Samedi 23 octobre 2010, 14 h 00
Musée Fabre (auditorium) Jeudi 28 octobre 2010, 16 h 00

The video work is about the deformation and movement of codes in digital media and the concealed information & aesthetics in computerized technologies. The moving images consist of digitally manipulated graphic content which draw attention to the ethical and critical issues involved in the internet popular culture, identity, representation, reproduction of organic and inorganic codes, meanings and privacy.

Ozan Adam

Ozan Adam was born in 1976. He studied visual arts and film at Bard College in New York. His art work involves a diversity of medium such as illustrations, paintings, sculptures, videos and films which have been exhibited and screened at many solo and collective exhibitions and festivals.