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Miramare - Michaela Mueller
- Animation


Croatie/Suisse - 2009 - 8 mn 8 s - Réalisation : Michaela Mueller - Scénario : Michaela Mueller - Image : Michaela Mueller - Décor : Michaela Mueller - Montage : Michaela Mueller - Musique : Fa Ventilato - Son : Fa Ventilato, Michaela Mueller -

Contact : Michaela Mueller - e-mail : frifif@gmx.net - web : www.triboje.com

Gaumont Comédie Dimanche 24 octobre 2010, 18 h 00
Corum - Salle Einstein Lundi 25 octobre 2010, 20 h 15
Corum - Salle Einstein Jeudi 28 octobre 2010, 22 h 00

A look at life at the frontiers of Mediterranean Europe, where tourists relax while immigrants seek a better life. When they go beyond the tourist area, two Swiss children very soon realise that reality here has very little in common with comfortable life in the camping site. A storm hits the coast and upsets landmarks…

Michaela Mueller

Born in 1972 in Switzerland. She gained her diploma as art teacher at the Université d'arts et de sciences appliqués in Lucerne in 1998. Her professional career is dotted with experiences as illustrator, painter, prop person for the theatre and intervalist for animated films. She moved to Croatia in 2005. Miramare is her end of studies film for the animation and new media department at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts.