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Mammaliturchi! - Carlo Michele Schirinzi
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Italie - 2010 - 17 mn - Réalisation : Carlo Michele Schirinzi - Scénario : Carlo Michele Schirinzi - Image : Carlo Michele Schirinzi - Montage : Carlo Michele Schirinzi - Musique : Stefano Urkuma De Santis - Son : Stefano Urkuma De Santis -

Contact : Untertosten Film - Corso Dante, 116 - 73040 Acquarica Del Capo (Lecce) - Italie - Tél : 29 328 616 4438 - e-mail : carlomicheleschirinzi@yahoo.it

Corum - Salle Einstein Lundi 25 octobre 2010, 14 h 15
Musée Fabre (auditorium) Vendredi 29 octobre 2010, 16 h 00

Continuous migrant flow haunts the interior of a container while the shipwrecked image of a former reception centre-now abandoned and in ruins-appears intermittently. The wreck bleeds with all the drama experienced by those who wanted to flee from violence, while splashing water blurs all vision and obscures the possibilities of infinity.

Carlo Michele Schirinzi

A multimedia artist and video maker, Carlo Michele Schirinzi (born in Italy, 1974) is known for his "iconoclasm on(in) negative", an expression specially invented to describe his alchemic use of 35-mm film, with sharp blades being his favourite tools. He proudly defines himself as the "autarchic" author of his own videos, with himself as the character. He feels a need to record domestic actions and gestures, thus transforming his house into the set of almost all his works. A video retrospective was devoted to him at the 41st Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema di Pesaro.