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Animae - David Apikian
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France - 2010 - 5 mn 30 s - Réalisation : David Apikian - Scénario : Apikian David - Image : Apikian David - Musique : Alfred Schnittke / Opus108 : Piano Quintet (1972-1976), Moderato pastorale. Moscow String Quartet (Delos). Piano : Constantine Orbelian - Interprétation : piano: Constantine Orbelian -

Contact : David Apikian - e-mail : apik.d@wanadoo.fr - web : apikdart.blogspot.com

Corum - Salle Einstein Samedi 23 octobre 2010, 14 h 00
Musée Fabre (auditorium) Jeudi 28 octobre 2010, 16 h 00

"And the sky sings to the consumed soul
The change of the shores in rumor.
Beautiful sky, true sky, look at me that changes! "
Paul Valéry, Le Cimetière marin.

David Apikian

Born 1950 in Armenia (USSR). Received his Master of Architectural Degree from Viiralt Institute in Tallin in 1982, after studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Erevan and having worked at the Animation Studio SoyuzMultFilm in Moscow and at ArmenFilm in Erevan. Presently living in Paris and works as a teacher in residence at the EAPM (Ecole d’Architecture Paris–Malaquais), at the Danish School of Design in Copenhagen and at INA. He made his first computer images in 1985, and since 1986 has been involved in works for Special Effects Companies. He is now working as an independent and specializes in 3D Architectural Representation. He is continuing his visual research in the tradition of abstract representation (experimental films, interactive installations, etc).