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De vrais mensonges - Pierre Salvadori
- Fiction


France - 2009 - 1 h 40 mn - Réalisation : Pierre Salvadori - Scénario : Pierre Salvadori, Benoît Graffin - Interprétation : Audrey Tautou, Nathalie Baye, Sami Bouajila, Daniel Duval, Judith Chemla, Didier Brice -

Contact : Pathé Distribution - 2, rue Lamennais - 75008 Paris - Tél : 01 71 72 30 00 - Fax : 01 71 72 31 00 - e-mail : accueil.distri@pathe.com - web : www.pathedistribution.com

Corum - Opéra Berlioz Vendredi 22 octobre 2010, 20 h 30

One fine spring morning, Émilie receives a beautiful, inspired but anonymous love letter. She throws it in the dustbin before seeing it as a way to save her mother, who has been alone and sad since her husband left. But Émilie does not know yet that the writer is Jean, her shy employee. And she doesn't imagine that her gesture will start a whole series of misunderstandings and mistakes and suspects even less that she will fall madly in love with the man she pushed into her mother's arms…

This film received financial support from the Languedoc-Roussillon Region in partnership with the Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC) and logistic support from Languedoc-Roussillon Cinéma (Film Commission).

Pierre Salvadori

Pierre Salvadori (born in 1964, Tunisia) is a French film director known for works on romantic comedies such as Hors de prix (2006). In 1989 he wrote his first screenplay, which would then become the hit film Cible émouvante (Wild Target), which he directed in 1993. The film garnered the young director a César nomination for Best First Work, though he had already tested his directorial capabilities the year before with the short film Ménage. Cible émouvante (Wild Target) has been remade in Hollywood by Jonathan Lynn as Wild Target (2009). In 1995, Salvadori began working with two of his favorite actors, Marie Trinignant and Guillaume Depardieu, who he cast in the highly successful films The Apprentices and White Lies. And in 2000, Salvadori switched gears from comedy to the dark thriller The Sandmen.