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Vincere - Marco Bellocchio
- Fiction


Italie - 2009 - 1 h 58 mn - Réalisation : Marco Bellocchio - Production : Mario Gianani - Scénario : Marco Bellocchio, Daniela Ceselli - Image : Daniele Cipri - Décor : Marco Dentici - Montage : Francesca Calvelli - Musique : Carlo Crivelli - Son : Gaetano Carito - Interprétation : Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Filippo Timi, Fausto Russo Alesi, Michela Cescon -

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Diagonal Jeudi 29 octobre 2009, 20 h 25

There is a secret in the life of Mussolini: a wife and a son, who was born, acknowledged and then denied. The secret bears a name: Ida Dalser. When Ida meets Mussolini in Milan, he is the editor of Avanti and an ardent Socialist who intends to guide the masses towards an anti-clerical, anti-monarchical, socially emancipated future. Ida truly believes in him and his ideas: Mussolini is her hero. In order to finance Popolo d’Italia, a newspaper he has founded and the nucleus of the forthcoming Fascist Party, Ida sells everything she has: her apartment, her beauty salon, her furniture and jewelry.

Marco Bellocchio

Born in Piacenza in 1939. Following studies in philosophy, he enters the Dramatique Art Academy (Milan), then learns directing at the Centro Sperimentale di cinematografia (Rome). I Pugni in tasca, his first film, brought upon him international recognition. With La Cina e vicina (1967), he denounces the hypocrisy of political discourses. Then follow Nel nome del padre, Sbatti il mostro in prima pagina, Marcia trionfale, Salto nel vuoto, Il Diavolo in corpo, a cinema without concessions, which criticizes the repressive aspect of the social institutions to which he opposes a logic of dreams and passion. His last films : Il Principe di Homburg, La Balia, Il sorriso di mia madre and Buongiorno, notte.