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Little Indi
Petit indi - Marc Recha
- Fiction


Espagne - 2008 - 1 h 31 mn - Réalisation : Marc Recha - Scénario : Nadine Lamari, Marc Recha - Image : Hélène Louvart - Musique : Pau Recha - Interprétation : Eduardo Noriega, Marc Soto, Sergi López, Eulalia Ramon -

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Diagonal Vendredi 30 octobre 2009, 20 h 25

Arnau is 17 and is a serious boy. His mother is in prison. He does not know why and dreams of getting her out to see the summer and the sea. This needs a good lawyer and hence money and Arnau has none, and neither have his sister, his brother or his uncle. While waiting to earn enough at the restaurant he works at, he concentrates on his passion-competitions for songbirds. Arnau has several of these. He has bred them and they are perhaps his only friends. He also has a fox, found dying in a river and that he saved.

Marc Recha

Born in Hospitalet (Barcelona) in 1970. He made 14 short films in Super 8 between 1984 and 1988. His first 35 mm short (1988) El darrer instant was selected for various festivals, as were the five other 35-mm shorts that he made, including La Maglana, shown in Montpellier in 1992, and Es tard. He worked in Paris in 1989 as assistant to Marcel Hanoun. He made El cielo sube in 1991, his first long experimental film, that won several prizes in Spain. Since 1996 he has also made advertising films and documentaries for TV. He made his second feature film, El Arobol de las Cerezas (The Cherry Tree), in 1998. It was followed by Pau i el seu germa (Paul and his Brother) (2001) and Les Mains vides (Empty hands) (2003) both screened at Cannes. His film Dies d'Agost (Daus of August) (2006) was awarded at Cinemed in 2006. He also directed Petit Indi (2010) and the collective film Les Ponts de Sarajevo (2014).