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Tetro - Francis Ford Coppola
- Fiction


Argentine/Espagne/Italie - 2009 - 2 h 7 mn - Réalisation : Francis Ford Coppola - Scénario : Francis Ford Coppola - Image : Mihai Malaimare, Jr. - Décor : Sebastián Orgambide - Montage : Walter Murch - Musique : Osvaldo Golijov - Son : Vicente D'Elía - Interprétation : Vincent Gallo, Alden Ehrenreich, Maribel Verdú, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Carmen Maura, Rodrigo De La Serna, Leticia Bredice, Mike Amigorena, Sofía Castiglione, Érica Rivas -

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Corum - Opéra Berlioz Samedi 31 octobre 2009, 20 h 30

Fresh faced and naïve, 17-year-old Bennie arrives in Buenos Aires in search of his older brother who has been missing for more than a decade, and had sworn never to see any of his family again. The family of Italian immigrants settled in Argentina, but with the great musical success of their domineering father Carlo, an acclaimed symphony conductor, moved to New York. When Bennie finds his brother, the brilliant but melancholy writer 'Tetro', he is not welcomed with open arms.

Francis Ford Coppola

Son of the conductor and composer Carmine Coppola. He learned working methods from Roger Corman. In 1968, he settled in Los Angeles where he founded American Zoetrope where a new generation of filmmakers such as Scorsese and Lucas worked. In 1971, he founded the Director's Company with Bogdanovich and Friedkin. The Godfather (1972), his first success, was a renewal of the gangster film genre. He made a sequel, The Godfather II, in 1975. Meanwhile, he had made The Conversation (1974), a film that was very modern as regards both subject and treatment. Coppola's taste for the gigantic broke out with Apocalypse Now (1979). He then made two films about young delinquents, Outsiders (1983) and Rumble Fish (1984). He returned to the gigantic with Cotton Club (1984). Gardens of Stone (1987) showed the other side of the Vietnam war. After jointly directing one of the sketches in New York Stories with Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen, he started The Godfather Part III (1990). He made Dracula in 1992. After four years devoted mainly to winegrowing, he returned to films with Jack (1996) and then made The Rainmaker in 1997. He presided over the 49th Cannes Film Festival in 1996, after receiving awards in 1974 and 1979.