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Death of a Cyclist
Muerte de un ciclista - Juan Antonio Bardem
- Fiction


Espagne - 1954 - 1 h 40 mn - Réalisation : Juan Antonio Bardem - Scénario : Luis F. de Igoa, Juan A. Bardem - Image : Alredo Fraile - Décor : Enrique Alarçon - Musique : Isidoro Maiztegui - Interprétation : Lucia Bosè, Alberto Closas, Carlos Casaravilla, Otello Toso, Bruna Corra -

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Corum - Opéra Berlioz Jeudi 1 novembre 2012, 21 h 30

Married to a rich man, Maria José's lover is a previous fiancé, a university teacher and tormented intellectual. During a clandestine outing with him, she accidentally runs over a worker on a bicycle and then flees the scene. While she fears a scandal that would put her in the street, Juan wants to tell the police the truth. So he asks his mistress to go to the police station with him and she pretends to agree…

Juan Antonio Bardem

Born in 1922 in Madrid. The son of Spanish actors, Rafael Bardem and Matilde Munoz Sampedro, he was also the brother of the actress Pilar Bardem and Javier Bardem's uncle. After university studies of agriculture, he graduated from the Instituto de Investigaciones y Experiencias Cinematográficas in Madrid. He started his career by directing with García Berlanga a documentary short called 'Paseo sobre une guerra antigua' (1948). He continued to work with Luis Garcia Berlanga on the satirical 'Bienvenue Mr Marshall' (1952), participating in the screenplay. His first personal film 'Cómicos' (1953) described the reality of the theatre world that he knew well. He then undertook a penetrating critique of the habits of bourgeois society in Spain under Franco, and in particular in two excellent works: 'Mort d'un cycliste' (1954) and 'Grand-rue' (1956). Reproaching him for his membership of the Spanish communist party, the Franco authorities imprisoned him in 1956 before he could finish 'Grand-rue'. He died in 2002.