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K (Exile)
K (Exil) - Frédérique Devaux
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France - 2008 - 9 mn 20 s - Réalisation : Frédérique Devaux - Image : Frédérique Devaux - Montage : Frédérique Devaux - Musique : Djamel Tareb - Interprétation : Rachid Adel, Michel Amarger (voix) -

Contact : Les Productions Aléatoires - 21, rue de la Villette - 75019 Paris - Tél : 06 14 69 70 98 - e-mail : laurence.rebouillon@gmail.com - web : www.lesproductionsaleatoires.com

Corum - Salle Einstein Samedi 24 octobre 2009, 14 h 00
Musée Fabre (auditorium) Jeudi 29 octobre 2009, 16 h 00

Two-thirds of K (Exil) consists of images of women and children who stayed alone at home when the men were exiled. The views are never complete (being either cut up or in pieces in the image) and alternate positive and negative, complementary and contradictory, to bring out the distress of people left in their country and abandoned in difficult land. On what we call the 'joints', we engrave words in Kabylian or in French, echoing two male voices. The whole is set to original music by Djamel Tareb.

Frédérique Devaux

Born in Paris in 1956. Part-time lecturer at University Paris VII and at École nationale supérieure Louis-Lumière. The author of several books on art in general and the cinema in particular. Co-founder between 1982 and 1986 of the FIAG (Festival international d'avant-garde de la photo, du film et de la vidéo). Author of some 30 experimental films and documentaries since 1980; these are distributed via various co-operatives and purchased by different international museums. She has been directing a series of portraits of experimental filmmakers since 2000 (Cinexpérimentaux).