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Films Rétrospective Elio Petri


Elio Petri - Notes on a Filmmaker
Elio Petri - Appunti su un autore - Stefano Leone, Federico Baci, Nicola Guarneri
- Documentaire


Italie - 2005 - 1 h 25 mn - Réalisation : Stefano Leone, Federico Baci, Nicola Guarneri - Production : Paola Petri - Scénario : Federico Bacci, Nicola Guarneri, Stefano Leone - Montage : Paola Freddi - Musique : Simone Soldati -

Corum - Salle Einstein Samedi 24 octobre 2009, 10 h 00

Elio Petri was one of the greatest directors Italian cinema ever had. His work focused on a collection of characters who, with their neuroses, mental problems and phobias, show at various levels how repression by capitalist society affects the individual. It is not surprising then that intelligence so sharp as to be considered subversive could be forgotten. In statements, thoughts, memories, footage, projects and series of exceptional testimonies by personalities such as Vanessa Redgrave, Bernardo Bertolucci, Franco Nero, Robert Altman and Ursula Andress, documentary film at last makes its contribution to rediscovering this director.

Stefano Leone

Federico Baci

Nicola Guarneri