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The Mist in the Palm Trees
La Niebla en las Palmeras - Carlos Molinero, Lola Salvador
- Documentaire


Espagne - 2006 - 1 h 27 mn - Réalisation : Carlos Molinero, Lola Salvador - Scénario : Salvador Maldonad, Carlos Molinero - Image : Images d'archives - Montage : Jose Recuenco, Renato Sanjuan - Musique : Ricardo Palacin - Son : Wildtrack - Interprétation : Mirtha Ibarra, Isabelle Clerc, Carmen Suarez, Ana Villa -

Contact : Brothers & Sisters, S.L. - Av. Castilla-La Mancha, 162 (local) - 28700 San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid - Espagne - Tél : 34 91 653 92 38/ 629 13 90 01 - Fax : 34 91 653 03 50 - e-mail : brothers@lasaulas.net - web : www.laniebalenlaspalmeras.com

Médiathèque Fellini Samedi 28 octobre 2006, 14 h 00
Corum - Salle Einstein Mardi 31 octobre 2006, 18 h 00

One man, one love, three graves. A physicist, a photographer, an adventurer… The biographical flashes of Santiago Bergson record a century at war, focusing on the events that marked his life: a miners revolt in Asturias, teenage love, the photo of a feminine nude, a silent film that disappeared in Cuba, the political manipulation of a photograph, The War of the Worlds by Orson Welles, a daughter, the first atomic bombings, the French Resistance, insanity and the end of WWII. A film about the purposes and values of images that, based in quantum physics, deals with the manipulation of memory and history.

Carlos Molinero

Born in Madrid in 1972, he holds a Screenwriting diploma from the first class to graduate from ECAM, the Film School of the Community of Madrid. He made his debut as director in 2001 with the feature Salvajes (Savages). This film got three nominations for the Spanish Academy Awards and finally won the Best Adapted Script award.

Lola Salvador

Lola Salvador is a novelist, screenwriter, producer and director. Among her works are scripts, novels and diverse projects for radio and television. Her production company “Brothers & Sisters” produced in 2001 the feature film Salvajes (Savages), directed by Carlos Molinero.