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Al di là del risultato - Emanuele Gaetano Forte
- Fiction


Italie - 2016 - 1 h 15 mn - Réalisation : Emanuele Gaetano Forte - Scénario : Emanuele Gaetano Forte - Montage : Emanuele Gaetano Forte, Ivano Forte - Musique : Giorgio Stammati, Giacomo Forte - Son : Paolo Bellipanni - Interprétation : Emanuele Gaetano Forte, Giorgio Stammati, Giacomo Forte, Luigi Stammati, Matteo Palmaccio -

Contact : Emanuele Gaetano Forte - e-mail : emanuelegforte@gmail.com

Corum - Salle Einstein Samedi 22 octobre 2016, 12 h 00
Corum - Salle Pasteur Mardi 25 octobre 2016, 21 h 00

Formia is a small city located on a narrow strip of land between the sea and the mountains. You can only pass through Formia in two directions: from the front and from the back. The city of Formia provides an interesting metaphor for the lives of our four male protagonists. Their perspectives are limited by the confined space in which they're able to move around. Victims of life in a country where opportunities are few and far between following the worst economic crisis of the the last 25 years, the four young men find themselves united in a disastrous situation. But the men are simultaneously victims and executioners. They lack both desire and ambition. They're pleasant enough young men. They always ask: "Would you mind if?" Their parents' sofas are so comfortable, so they just lie there, only making the effort to say: "But I did try". Maybe. Because frustration will return to violently shake them from their apathy, uniting them in their need to find a path, a purpose, whatever it may be, to finally discover a reason to commit. An idea like any other. The idea doesn't matter.

Emanuele Gaetano Forte