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Living and other fictions
Vivir y otras fictions - Jo Sol
- Fiction


Espagne - 2016 - 1 h 21 mn - Réalisation : Jo Sol - Scénario : Jo Sol - Image : Jo Sol, Afra Rigamonti - Montage : Afra Rigamonti - Musique : Niño de Elche
- Son : Pol Marqués - Interprétation : Pepe Rovira, Antonio Centeno, Arántzazu Ruiz, Anne Perelló, Niño de Elche -

Contact : Eddie Saeta S.A. - Diputació 185 - 08011 Barcelone - Espagne - Tél : 34 93 467 70 40 - Fax : 34 934 677 489 - e-mail : eddie@eddiesaeta.com - web : www.eddiesaeta.es

Corum - Salle Pasteur Dimanche 23 octobre 2016, 16 h 00
Corum - Salle Pasteur Vendredi 28 octobre 2016, 10 h 00

"Those with the desire to live, will always end up with problems in life". Pepe, convicted of theft during his search for work, has just been released from psychiatric hospital after carrying out his sentence. Pepe's attempt to adapt and reintegrate himself into a meaningless world quickly turns into a hopeless endeavour. He forms a friendship with Antonio, an activist who proves useful in a number of ways. The relationship is a challenge to our own reflections on life, forcing us to consider the unique roles we all play.

Jo Sol

Jordi Solé (Jo Sol) was born in Barcelona in 1968. Filmmaker and self-taught screenwriter he made his first productions in Mexico, Cuba and India. He followed with short film 0,7 ya and a TV Movie Renda Antiga, both in the genre of fiction. In 2000 he presented his first feature film Tatawo. From then on he has been writing screenplays and experimenting with different visual territories. Part of this process is centred on the production of the feature film The Taxi Thief.

Jo Sol, Barcelona 1968. Director and audiovisual craftsman, his filmography struck a chord among intellectual circle due its deep treatment on complex social issues.