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Timgad - Fabrice Benchaouche
- Fiction


France/Belgique - 2016 - 1 h 37 mn - Réalisation : Fabrice Benchaouche - Scénario : Fabrice Benchaouche, Aziz Chouaki - Image : Thomas Ozoux - Décor : Chouaieb Sidoum, Lamine Morsli - Montage : Damien Keyeux - Musique : Ludovic Beier - Son : Grégory Lannoy, Paul Maernoudt - Interprétation : Sid Ahmed Agoumi, Mounir Margoum, Myriam Akhediou, Lotfi Yahya Jedidi -

Contact : Allia Films - 6 Passage Saint Paul - 75004 Paris - Tél : 06 16 01 22 70 - e-mail : lila.graffin@gmail.com

Corum - Salle Einstein Mercredi 26 octobre 2016, 14 h 00
Corum - Salle Einstein Jeudi 27 octobre 2016, 21 h 30

Jamel is a French archaeologist of Algerian origin. He heads to Algeria to carry out excavation work on the magnificent Roman ruins at Timgad. He is reunited with his past when a new opportunity sees him fast-tracked into the role of managing the local football team, "The Juventus of Timgad". Juggling with the harsh realities of everyday life, the kids don't have a shirt or football boot between them. But they are talented dribblers. Rich with ancient monuments and bearing the scares of recent wars, the land reveals to Jamel its complex past. The young people are growing up in a new, reconciled, World Cup winning Algeria.

Fabrice Benchaouche

Born in Paris in 1966. Former assistant director for features, TV films, advertisements and video-clips, he founds Fada Productions in Montpellier in 1999. He produces video-clips (J. Clerc, H. Salvador), advertisements and in 2002, a short film Un petit service. In 2003, he directs his first short film : The Entire Universe, selected at 26th Cinemed. In 2007, his first feature film project won a Development Grant at Cinemed and, in 2016, he came back to Montpellier with his latest feature film, Timgad, winning the Audience Award.