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Scris/Nescris - Adrian Silisteanu
- Fiction


Roumanie - 2016 - 19 mn 30 s - Réalisation : Adrian Silisteanu - Scénario : Claudia Silisteanu - Image : Adrian Silisteanu - Décor : Alexandra Alma Ungureanu - Montage : Mircea Olteanu, Costi Zaharia - Musique : Sergiu Popa - Son : Ioan Filip, Dan Stefan Rucareanu - Interprétation : Sorin Mihai, Alina Serban, Elena Ursaru, Teodora Sandu, Claudiu Dumitru, Raisa Mihai, Claudia Silisteanu, Isabela Neamtu -

Contact : 4 Proof Film - 12-14, General Constantin Budisteanu, C building, apt. 7 - 010775 Bucarest - Roumanie - Tél : 40 740 155 602 - e-mail : anamaria.antoci@gmail.com - web : www.4prooffilm.ro

Corum - Salle Pasteur Lundi 24 octobre 2016, 12 h 00
Corum - Salle Pasteur Jeudi 27 octobre 2016, 18 h 15

In a maternity ward corridor, a gypsy couple waits for their under-aged daughter to give birth. Pardica does not seem happy; he does not agree with this premature pregnancy - another girl !- and mainly blames his wife for letting it happen. But the situation becomes even more tense...


Adrian Silisteanu

Born in Bacau, Romania, in 1975. Graduated Cinematography in Bucharest. Studied Digital Cinematography at National Audiovisual Institute in Paris and worked for a short time as Digital Imaging Technician. Adrian Sitaru’s film debut, Hooked, was also his first film as director of photography. He shot the next three feature films of Sitaru: Best Intentions, Domestic and Illegitimate, as well as his shorts: Waves, The Cage, Lord, House Party, Excursion and Arts. He filmed many other movies including the features Ho-ho-ho by Jesus del Cerro, 2+2 by Thomas Ciulei, or some shorts like Tudor Giurgiu’s Superman, Spiderman or Batman, or Ioana Uricariu’s Stopover. In 2012 he directs his first short film, The Ditch, selected in Montpellier. Written/Unwritten is his last one.