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Funeral at Noon
Levaya Bazaharaim - Adam Sanderson
- Fiction


Israël - 2013 - 1 h 22 mn - Réalisation : Adam Sanderson - Production : Eilon Ratzkovsky, Yossi Uzrad, Guy Jacoel, Yochanan Kredo - Scénario : Adam Sanderson d'après le roman éponyme de Yeshayahu Koren - Image : Nadav Hekselman - Décor : Carmela Sanderson - Montage : Zohar Sela - Musique : Wisam Gibran - Son : Eli Bain, Ashi Milo - Interprétation : Hilla Vidor, Yuval Yanai, Matan Aberbach, Meirav Gruber -

Contact : July August Productions - 6, Beit Hilel st. - 67017 Tel-Aviv - Israël - Tél : 971 3 510 02 23 - Fax : 971 3 510 01 84 - e-mail : eilon@jap.co.il - web : www.july-august.com

Corum - Salle Pasteur Dimanche 27 octobre 2013, 16 h 00
Corum - Salle Pasteur Mercredi 30 octobre 2013, 21 h 00

In a small village, Hagar Erlich is somewhat of an alien. Childless and unemployed, Hagar cannot find her place in her small town community and in her own life as a newlywed. After being forced to watch over Yiftach, the ten year old son of the lady next door, Hagar comes to know a gentle, vulnerable boy who touches her soul. She decides to take him to the ruins of an enchanted, abandoned village – her secret hideaway. There, among the ruins, Hagar points out to the boy a soldier who has strayed from his platoon, a soldier Hagar has been following for some time.

Adam Sanderson

Adam Sanderson started making films when he was 9 using a video camera bought by his father. After directing a music video, for a Hip Hop group he was rapping in, he began directing Music Videos, Promo Trailers and TV Ads. He established "The Baboon Project", a group of five independent film directors, where he directed several shorts. He recently finished co-directing his first full length feature film "This is Sodom"- a satirical comedy set in the bible.