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Way of the Danube
Calea Dunarii - Sabin Dorohoi
- Fiction


Roumanie - 2013 - 12 mn 55 s - Réalisation : Sabin Dorohoi - Scénario : Sabin Dorohoi - Image : Lulu de Hillerin - Décor : Stefan Lazar - Montage : Razvan Dimitriu - Son : Adrian Colojoara, Victor Mihailescu - Interprétation : Razvan Schinteie, Constantin Dinulescu, Serena Stanciu, Ileana Caprariu -

Contact : Western Transylvania Studios - Nicolae Filimon 30 - 060302 Bucarest - Roumanie - Tél : 40 747 289 893 - e-mail : alex@steppenwolf.ro

Corum - Salle Pasteur Mardi 29 octobre 2013, 18 h 15
Corum - Salle Pasteur Jeudi 31 octobre 2013, 14 h 00

A 7 years boy lives with his grandfather in a small Romanian village by the Danube. His parents are working abroad, in Vienna. The boy left at home misses them a lot. As he is having a special relationship with the river, tries to connect with his parents and embarks on a journey on water.

Sabin Dorohoi

Born in 1984, Resita, Romania. Started as an amateur filmmaker at the age of thirteen, when he began creating short filmed stories together with his friends. He graduated the cinema school in 2007 and began working in the film industry ever since he was a student. First as a cameraman within the National Television and afterwards as a production assistant, second AD, first AD and finally, as a short film director. During these years, he realized more than a dozen shorts and the last four of them — Ghela, Dreaming of Galapagos, The Bell and Transylvania Girl — were selected and awarded in many festivals.