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Blancanieves - Pablo Berger
- Fiction


Espagne/France - 2012 - 1 h 40 mn - Réalisation : Pablo Berger - Production : Pablo Berger, Ibón Cormenzana, Jérôme Vidal - Scénario : Pablo Berger - Image : Kiko De la Rica - Décor : Alain Bainée - Montage : Fernando Franco - Musique : Alphonso Vilallonga - Son : Felipe Arago - Interprétation : Maribel Verdú, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Macarena García, Ángela Molina, Imma Cuesta -

Contact : Noodles Production - 38, rue Dunois - 75647 Paris cedex 13 - Tél : 01 44 93 23 10 - Fax : 01 44 93 23 11 - e-mail : jvidal@noodlesproduction.com - web : www.noodlesproduction.com

Corum - Salle Pasteur Samedi 27 octobre 2012, 19 h 00
Corum - Salle Pasteur Mercredi 31 octobre 2012, 12 h 00

1915: La Maestranza bullring, the cathedral of bullfighting in Seville. Antonio Villalta raises his sword towards the bull watched with anguish by Carmen de Triana, his pregnant wife. The bull's sharp horns drive towards him mercilessly. Antonio and Carmen are both taken to hospital. Carmen dies giving birth and Antonio is condemned to life in a wheelchair. Desperate, he considers his little daughter, Carmencita, to be responsible for his wife's death. Thus until she is seven, Carmencita grows up between her grandmother's love and her unfailing attachment to her pet cock, Pépé. Her father marries his personal nurse, Encarna, whom he met when he was in hospital.

Pablo Berger

Pablo Berger begins in the cinema with his hit short film Mama. He then pursues his career in the US where he obtains a directing Master at the University of New York. His following short, Truth and Beauty gets him a nomination for the film school Emmy's. He has also taught at the New York Film Academy and at Princeton, la Femis. Torremolinos 73 is his first feature film.