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Acciaio - Stefano Mordini
- Fiction


Italie - 2012 - 1 h 36 mn - Réalisation : Stefano Mordini - Scénario : Giulia Calenda, Stefano Mordini, Silvia Avallone d'après le roman de Silvia Avallone - Image : Marco Onorato - Montage : Marco Spoletini - Interprétation : Michele Riondino, Vittoria Puccini, Massimo Popolizio, Luca Guastini, Francesco Turbanti, Anna Bellezza, Matilde Giannini, Monica Brachini -

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Corum - Salle Pasteur Samedi 27 octobre 2012, 21 h 00
Corum - Salle Pasteur Jeudi 1 novembre 2012, 16 h 00

Here, the steelworks runs continuously, twenty-four hours a day and never stops. There, by the sea, on the island of Elba, is a paradise so close, yet so unattainable. In the middle, neither here nor there, Anna and Francesca, young but already old, have a friendship as special as love itself. The same love keeps Alessio, Anna's brother, going. A factory worker to the core, the only girl he wants is Elena, the girl he cannot have. One day love arrives, as powerful as it is unexpected for all, and life suddenly accelerates until it cracks, bleeds and breaks.

Stefano Mordini

Born in Florence, Italy, 1968. In 1996, he worked on his first project, I ladri, in Venice. In 2000, he shot Paz '77, a documentary on Andrea Pazienza. He then made a series of documentaries about globalisation. In 2005, Mordini wrote and made his first feature film Provincia meccanica, in running in Berlin. In 2007, he produced and directed Il confine, a documentary based on the Islamic community in Italy. In 2009, he made Come mio padre, a documentary film about fatherhood in Italy from 1950 to today. Acciaio is selected at the Venice Days in last september.