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Family Albums
Maousem hisad - Nassim Amaouche, Maïs Darwazeh, Erige Sehiri, Sameh Zoabi
- Documentaire


Palestine/France/Émirats Arabes Unis - 2012 - 1 h 22 mn - Réalisation : Nassim Amaouche, Maïs Darwazeh, Erige Sehiri, Sameh Zoabi - Scénario : Nassim amaouche, Maïs Darwazah, Erige Sehiri et Sameh Zoabi - Image : Joseph Guérin, Arlette Girardot et Danae Elon - Montage : Tina Baz, NadiaBen Rachid, Gladys Joujou et Julien Lacheray - Son : Dana Frazanah Pour, Francisco Abarquero, Paul Maernoudt et Asher Dahan -

Contact : Les Films de Zayna - 52, rue Sergent-Bobillot - 93100 Montreuil - Tél : 06 89 27 79 74 - e-mail : palmyre@zayna.fr - web : www.zayna.fr

Corum - Salle Einstein Mardi 30 octobre 2012, 16 h 00
Corum - Salle Einstein Vendredi 2 novembre 2012, 18 h 00

"Identity is our legacy and not our inheritance; our invention and not our memory." (Mahmoud Darwich.) Questioning the verses of the Palestinian poet, four filmmakers paint an intimate and sensitive mosaic-like portrait of the Arab world through their family meetings. From Algeria to Jordan by way of Galilee and Tunisia, these are views of life showing, in private, family relations and the issues of transmission from one generation to the next.

Nassim Amaouche

Born in the Paris area in 1977, Nassim Amaouche graduated a Licence in sociology in 2000 before studying cinema. De l'autre côté, his first short film (Cinemed 2003) was selected and awarded in many festivals. Then he directed an essay/documentary, Quelques miettes pour les oiseaux (Cinemed 2006) which was also aclamed in festivals (Mostra, Cinéma du Réel). In 2009, Adieu Gary, his first long feature, starring Jean-Pierre Bacri, Dominique Reymond and Yasmine Belmadi, was selected in Cannes Critics' Week where it won the Grand Prize. In 2012, he directed a segment of the documentary film selected at Cinemed 2012, Album de famille where he filmed his father in search of his past buried in Kabylia (En terrain connu). In 2015, he played himself in his second long feature, Des Apaches, along with Laetitia Casta and André Dussolier. He is currently achieving the writing of his next feature film, Le Testament des Lions.

Maïs Darwazeh

Erige Sehiri

Sameh Zoabi

Sameh Zoabi was born and raised in Iksal, a Palestinian village near the city of Nazareth. He graduated from Tel Aviv University with a dual degree in Film Studies and English Literature. In 2000, Zoabi received a Fullbright Fellowship to pursue an M.F.A. in Film Direction from the School of the Arts at Columbia University. Zoabi is also the recipient of prestigious residencies at the Cannes Festival Cinefondation as well as the
Sundance Screenwriters Lab.
Zoabi’s unique voice was recognized by Filmmaker Magazine and he was named one of the “Top 25 New Faces of Independent Cinema.” Furthermore, his work has been shown in many international film festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Locarno, Sundance, Karlovy Vary, Palm Springs, Dubai, and New York Film Festival. A selection of Zoabi’s notable work includes a short film titled Be Quiet (2005) for which received third prize at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival—Cinefondation Selection. His feature film debut, Man Without a Cell Phone (2010), won several audience awards as well as the Golden Antigone at the 2011 Montpellier Film Festival. Man Without a Cell Phone had its theatrical release in July of 2012, in France.