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The Parade
Parada - Srdjan Dragojevic
- Fiction


Serbie/Croatie - 2011 - 1 h 55 mn - Réalisation : Srdjan Dragojevic - Scénario : Srdjan Dragojevic - Image : Dusan Joksimovic - Décor : Kiril Spaseski - Montage : Petar Markovic - Musique : Igor Perovic - Son : Nenad Sciban - Interprétation : Nikola Kojo, Milos Samolov, Hristina Popovic, Goran Jevtic, Goran Navojec, Toni Mihailovski -

Contact : Sophie Dulac Distribution - 16, rue Christophe Colomb - 75008 Paris - Tél : 01 44 43 46 04 - Fax : 01 47 23 08 02 - - web : www.sddistribution.fr

Corum - Salle Pasteur Dimanche 28 octobre 2012, 20 h 00
Corum - Salle Pasteur Mercredi 31 octobre 2012, 14 h 00

To save the pit-bull that he loves so much and to make his capricious fiancée happy, Lemon, the boss of the gangsters in Belgrade has to handle the security of the first Gay Pride event in Serbia. He goes to look for former mercenaries to help him in this impossible mission. Serbs, Muslims, Bosnians, Albanians from Kosovo and Croatian fighters find themselves side by side with the militant homosexuals. How will this mixed bag of people who should never have met each other manage to overcome frontiers and their differences?

Srdjan Dragojevic

Born in Belgrade in 1963. Qualified in clinical psychology in 1987 and in film and television directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade in 1992. Author of three books of poetry. He made several short films before making his first full length film, 'Pretty Village', in 1996, followed by 'The Wounds' in 1998. He then signed a contract with Miramax Films in Hollywood and lived in the United States for two years. He returned to Serbia in 2003 and directed 'Nous ne sommes pas des anges', which broke box office records in 2005. He then wrote a sequel to the film but entrusted the directing to Predrag Pasic. He made 'Saint George tue le dragon' in 2008 and 'La Parade' in 2011.