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Aci Trezza
Aci Trezza - Impressions néoréalistes - Adrienne Lo Carmine, Thierry Lassimouillas
- Documentaire


France - 2012 - 1 h 1 mn - Réalisation : Adrienne Lo Carmine, Thierry Lassimouillas - Scénario : Adrienne Lo Carmine, Thierry Lassimouillas - Image : Adrienne Lo Carmine, Thierry Lassimouillas - Montage : Adrienne Lo Carmine, Thierry Lassimouillas -

Contact : Clap Clap Cinœil - 20, impasse Croix-de-Régnier - 13004 Marseille - Tél : 09 54 15 35 17 - e-mail : thierry_lassimouillas@yahoo.fr

Médiathèque Federico-Fellini Jeudi 10 janvier 2013, 18 h 00

It starts with a piece by Verga, the great Italian writer. The storm scene, with waves breaking on the rocks. Then memories return, memories of seaside holidays. The carefree attitude of youth. Memories that collide with a hidden memory of the village, the coming of Luchino Visconti in 1947, shortly after the war, to make his film La terra trema, an adaptation of Verga's novel. The actors were all fishermen, who have since grown old. The children are now retired fishermen. The village was blanketed with misery. What has become of the village of those days?

Adrienne Lo Carmine

Born in 1978 in Saint-Quentin. After university studies in archaeology in Paris, she took a Diploma of Advanced Studies in anthropological and documentary cinema at University of Paris X under the supervision of Jean Rouch. Her graduation film, En quête de silex, was an archaeological film on the experimental digging of a mine shaft. She has made documentary reports for various archaeological societies such as INRAP and Paleotime. She has also worked on Pierre et Anne-Marie Pétrequin's ethnographical and archaeological films, first as an editor and then as joint director.

Thierry Lassimouillas

Thierry Lassimouillas was born in 1977 at Maisons-Alfort. He studied history and cinema at Université de Paris I and gained a CAPES teaching qualification in history in 2002. He used his first earnings to finance the film Aci Trezza - Impressions néoréalistes, co-directed with Adrienne Lo Carmine in 2003. In 2008 they founded the association Clap ! Clap !... Cinœil aimed at initiating young people and adults in filmmaking and film production. He has run image and filmmaking workshops since 2006 as part of his teaching work.