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The Last Caravan
La Dernière Caravane - Foued Mansour
- Fiction


France - 2012 - 16 mn - Réalisation : Foued Mansour - Scénario : Foued Mansour - Image : Reynald Capurro - Décor : Maëlig Hamard - Montage : Yanis Polinacci - Musique : Otis Taylor - Son : Xavier Piroëlle - Interprétation : Christian Sinniger, Ahcene Nini, Vincent Rottiers, Laurent Maurel -

Contact : Foued Mansour - e-mail : fouedmansour@hotmail.com

Corum - Salle Pasteur Lundi 29 octobre 2012, 12 h 00
Corum - Salle Pasteur Jeudi 1 novembre 2012, 18 h 00

Three workers at a small building site in the middle of nowhere had an unannounced but feared visit by a representative of their employer…

Foued Mansour

Born in 1974 in Paris to Tunisian parents, Foued Mansour developed a taste for writing and then the cinema very early on. After two years of university studies of History and Geography, he devoted all his time to the cinema, doing all production management and assistant jobs on various shootings. In parallel, he directed his first short film 'Yvan le prévisible '(2004) and then 'La Barrière des préjugés' (2005) that addresses the question of discrimination in the hiring of young qualified people of various racial backgrounds. He also directed various institutional films, in particular for the Institut National du Cancer, and a film and a video clip for Dominique Voynet's TV campaign for the 2007 presidential elections. Remembering his period on social security allowances, he wrote and directed 'La Raison de l’autre' that won numerous prizes and was nominated for the 2010 César awards. The 'Un homme debout', a short made in 2011, was selected for the César for the best short film in 2012. 'La Dernière caravane' is his latest short.