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Mograbi Cinema
Mograbi cinéma - Jacques Deschamps
- Documentaire


France - 2012 - 1 h 20 mn - Réalisation : Jacques Deschamps - Scénario : Jacques Deschamp - Image : Vincent Sorrel, Octavio Espirito Santo, Jacques Deschamps - Montage : Luc Forveille - Son : Benoît Chabert d’Hières -

Contact : Ardèche Images Production - Le Village - 07170 Lussas - Tél : 04 75 94 26 16 - e-mail : aiprod@wanadoo.fr - web : www.lussasdoc.org/ardeche_images_production,81.html

Médiathèque Federico-Fellini Jeudi 14 mars 2013, 18 h 00

The Israeli filmmaker Avi Mograbi sets up screens for an installation in a museum, gives a master class for young cinema students or watches some of his films again at home. Mograbi Cinema is a portrait of a provocative, ironic moraliser who, in films ranging from How I learned to Overcome my Fear and Love Ariel Sharon to Z32, upsets the codes of documentary films to better capture the 'monsters' that haunt Israeli society.

Jacques Deschamps

Born in 1956 in the Yonne department. Graduated from the IDHEC in 1980, and is the author and director of some fifteen documentary films including La Ville d’Hugo (1987), Le Regard ébloui (1988), Canova mutilé (1992), La Victoire de Cézanne (2006), Romanès (2011), five shorts and three full-length feature films, Méfie-toi de l’eau qui dort (1996, award-winner at the Venice Festival), La Fille de son père (2001) and Dinle Neyden (Turkey, 2008), and Don Quichotte ou les mésaventures d’un homme en colère (2005), a documented fiction film. He is involved in teaching at La fémis, in the Grenoble-Lussas documentary master class and in Ardèche-Images and Africadoc writing residences.