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The Monsters' Dinner
The Monsters' Dinner - Ramin Matin
- Fiction


Turquie - 2011 - 1 h 25 mn - Réalisation : Ramin Matin - Scénario : Kamdine Khosroskhavar - Image : Deniz Eyuboglu - Décor : Elif Tascioglu - Montage : Giyotin - Musique : Baris Diri - Son : Oguz Kaynak - Interprétation : Ibrahim Selim, Pinar Tore, Tugrul Tulek, Gizem Erdem -

Contact : Giyotin Films - Gurbuz Turk Sokak 18/5 Caferaga Mah. Kadikoy - 34710 Istanbul - Turquie - Tél : 90 450 33 11 - Fax : 90 450 33 10 - e-mail : emine@giyotinfilm.com - web : www.giyotinfilm.com

Corum - Salle Pasteur Lundi 24 octobre 2011, 18 h 00
Corum - Salle Pasteur Mardi 25 octobre 2011, 22 h 00

Any given evening, any given place, any given married couple. Everything seems normal at first, J and M are preparing for the evening, they will host another couple for dinner; K and D. The guests arrive, a gift is presented and the conversation begins- normal chit chat. Or so it seems. We see slowly that the world these characters inhabit is disturbingly strange: anything to do with art is forbidden, words of malice are accepted as the norm and when the neighbors are suddenly shot down by the police noone is surprised.

Ramin Matin

Born in Turkey in 1977. Ramin later moved to Los Angeles to complete his bachelor degree in Communication Arts. He then completed his master’s degree from the Istanbul Bilgi University Cinema Department. Ramin has been based in Istanbul in 2000 . His short film The Ceremony competed in euroshorts festival. In 2005 he co-founded Giyotin Films. He has worked in numerous international and Turkish documentaries, music videos and shorts as a director and cinematographer. He has currently completed his first feature film The Monsters' Dinner. The Impeccables will be his second feature film. The project has already been selected for Montpellier International Film Festival's "Bourse D'aide" in 2010.