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Will There Be a Theatre up There?!
Netavi iq teatri aris?! - Nana Janelidze
- Documentaire


Géorgie - 2011 - 55 mn 15 s - Réalisation : Nana Janelidze - Scénario : Nana Janelidze, Nino Natroshvili - Image : Giorgi Beridze - Décor : Zura Miqeladze - Montage : Niko Tarielashvili - Musique : Misha Mdinaradze - Son : Paata Godziashvili - Interprétation : Kakhi Kavsadze -

Contact : Nana Janelidze - e-mail : janelidzenaniko@gmail.com - web : www.nnstudio.ge

Corum - Salle Einstein Dimanche 23 octobre 2011, 12 h 00
Corum - Salle Einstein Mercredi 26 octobre 2011, 18 h 00

The Soviet Union: the tragic destiny of people who lived in this system, reflected in the biography of Kakhi Kavsadze, one of the most popular Georgian actors. The film depicts the chronicle of a big family - the Kavsadzes - a family of great folk singers, and what happened to them reflects the lives of millions who lived in the former USSR. Stories of people who participated in the WWII and got in concentration camps of Nazy Germany and afterwards in concentration camps of the USSR.

Nana Janelidze

Born in Tbilisi in 1955. She graduated in 1981 from the Georgian State Theatre and Cinema Institute as a cinema director. She worked with Tengiz Abuladze as a scriptwriter and music designer for the film Repentance. She won many international prizes for the film Lulluby. Other films: A big boy and a little boy, Family, Georgia in the Raindrop, Tengiz Abuladze-the tree of desire, Christmas Gift, The Knights of Georgian Chant.