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18 Years Later
18 anni dopo - Edoardo Leo
- Fiction


Italie - 2010 - 1 h 46 mn - Réalisation : Edoardo Leo - Production : Marco Bertogna, Gianluca Bertogna - Scénario : Edoardo Leo, Marco Bonini - Image : Pietro Maria Tirabassi - Montage : Roberto Siciliano - Musique : Gianluca Misiti - Interprétation : Marco Bonini, Eugenia Costantini, Sabrina Impacciatore, Gabriele Ferzetti, Edoardo Leo -

Contact : DAP ITALY SRL - Via Flaminia 999 - 00189 Rome - Italie - Tél : 39 6 3348251 - Fax : 39 6 3348251 - e-mail : nicoladeangelis@deangelisgroup.com - web : www.deangelisgroup.com

Centre Rabelais Dimanche 24 octobre 2010, 21 h 00
Centre Rabelais Mardi 26 octobre 2010, 14 h 00

Mirko and Genziano are two brothers in their mid-thirties who have not seen nor spoken to each other since the day their mother died tragically in a car accident. Genziano now lives in London where he is a successful, workaholic, stock broker. Mirko has stayed in Rome where he lives and works with their father and is married to Mirella and has a 4-year-old boy. Life seemed to proceed normally until their father dies too. In his will, he asks both sons to take his ashes to their mother’s grave.

Edoardo Leo

Born in 1972, actor, screenwriter and director. BA in Literature, he starts working as an actor in 1993 in an Italian French coproduction. He debuts in theatre and alternates theatre with TV for Rai and Mediaset. As an actor he works on various films for Cinema. In 2005 for a film called Tutto in quella Notte, he receives a prize for best actor. He begins working as a director in 2006 with a music video. He then writes along with Caterina Cavina, journalist and writer. 18 anni dopo is his first long feature.